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Create Memories Together

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Shoot immersive video vertically

On HomeMovie you can record immersive horizontal video without turning your phone! Using the ultra-wide angle camera on most phones, you can still capture the whole moment while holding your phone vertically.

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Create Together

Invite friends and record together

While you can use HomeMovie to record your movies solo, it's more fun with friends. Once you create a tape, add friends and family to record together.

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Signature Looks

VHS inspired Looks for your Tapes

On HomeMovie every tape starts with one of our signature looks. Inspired by the VHS of the old days, you can choose from one of our four effects.

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See what everyone's recording

When you record on a shared tape, you see all clips come in as they happen. It's a fun way to see what everyone's capturing.

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Show it to your friends and the world

Once you are ready, you can release your tape. On HomeMovie, tapes can be private for your friends or public for everyone to see. You can even upload your movie directly to YouTube from our app!

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Talk with friends and fans about your Tapes

Once your movie is live, the conversation starts. Everyone can directly comment on your video. For private tapes, the conversation stays private, and for public tapes, everyone can jump in!